Bright Bars

Cold drawn bars are cold finished products achieved by the cold deformation of the wire rod through a die that reduces the diameter and after various controls are cut into the length required. This process achieves the calibration of the wire into the diameter required.
We can obtain wire in a wide range of diameters, the mechanical characteristics increase depending on the reduction carried out.

Peeled bars are obtained by removing the “skin”   of the bar with a special tool; after peeling we carry out straightening and controls on the bars to avoid any defects going to the client. All peeling lines are equipped with eddy current controls.

Diameters: 8-54 mm

Tolerance: IT9 o higher (h9, f9, h10, k11…)

Length: 2000 – 9000 mm

Bundles: 1 – 3 ton

Packing: Fixed with metal stripe or with juta wrapping on request.
Wooden box on request.