Enamelling and special coating

Enamelling is a treatment that involves covering a steel, aluminium or cast iron surface with an enamel. The main aim of enamelling is to protect the object and give it colour and shine. After a pre-treatment phase, the object is enamelled and placed into a continuous oven with temperatures typically between 500°C and 850°C approximately. The temperatures vary according to the type of enamel used.

Special coating is a treatment that involves covering metal surfaces. Special coating is sprayed onto the materials to be treated as if it was paint. The coated materials are then baked inside continuous ovens. Coating gives non-stick properties as well as resistance against wear, heat and chemical agents.

The enamelling and coating processes can be applied to many products. The most well–known application is undoubtedly for saucepans.

The products to be treated are moved inside continuous ovens for enamelling and special coating on conveyor belts. The conveyor belts resist the oven temperatures and are made with high-quality materials that are suitable for the enamel and baking process.