Lubricant & Dies

Lubricants – borax free, dust free and titanium dioxide free

Lubricants and auxiliary chemicals for wire drawing and processing. Ferroman provides full and prompt technical assistance which starts with the selection of the right products and goes right throughout to testing on the customer’s plant with its own specialist personnel.

  • Tecnolubre – Powder lubricants for dry drawing
  • Sintek – Oils and liquid compounds for wet drawing
  • Tecnofix – Pastes and greases for wire drawing
  • Tecnoline – Rod and wire coating products
  • Tecnolam– Products for wire rod and wire rolling
  • Tecnolux – Products for cleaning and degreasing wire



Dies and Nibs for wire drawing. Research and innovation both with regard to process and die technology and constantly seeks to co-operate with customers and to provide them with complete solutions.

  • Tungsten carbide nibs for wire drawing
  • Tungsten carbide drawing dies
  • Pressure dies
  • Tungsten carbide wire guides, bushes, rings and dies
  • Know-how for the manufacture and reconditioning of drawing dies