Wedge-wire screens

Ferroman supplies wedge-wire products in different finishes for many different applications.

Finish ranges from completely flat to cylindrical products. Applications in areas such as liquid separation, screening, sizing, and supports for, eg, catalysts.

The ‘wedge wire screens are called VICO-Screen®. The VICO-Screen® is a filtering element made of V-sectioned wires, arranged in a parallel manner and welded to support bars or rods. It can be made with wires and supports of different shapes, sizes and materials to be able to resist different temperatures, pressures and corrosive or abrasive actions.

The main features of the VICO-Screen® are: high mechanical resistance, large open area, low tendency to clog. The VICO-Screen® is designed for retaining materials, filtering and sieving. It has countless applications, mainly in the chemical, mining, pharmaceutical, plastics, paper and food industries.

Of particular interest are the applications in the field of water, liquid effluents and industrial waste treatment, as well as in malt houses, breweries and distilleries.