We develop, design and produce condensers:

  • for fluids or gases, including or excluding phase transition,
  • in all TEMA design variants,
    – stationary tube bundles including or excluding shell expansion joints,
    – removable tube bundles including floating heads, packed glands, …
  • according to specific customer requirements,
  • of special high-pressure designs,
  • as element coolers (process gas coolers),
  • Joule Thomson Heater
  • of register design,
  • including straight tubes or U-tubes, and
  • including bare tubes, extended surface tubes or plate-fins (surface lamellae)


Our delivery options include:

  • Equipment diameter from 80 mm to 3,500 mm,
  • Bundle length from 300 mm to 12,000 mm,
  • Weight up to 60 tonnes, and
  • Other specifications available upon customer request.