Simulation, Engineering & Design

Over the last 50 years, Costacurta has developed significant expertise in the optimisation of separation processes, thanks to its extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of gas-liquid and liquid-liquid separation internals. Costacurta’s Separation Technology Department offers this expertise to customers by providing Engineering Services at the design stage of new plants or during operation of existing ones.

Feasibility studies
Costacurta’s Separation Technology department can carry out feasibility studies during the design stage of new plants or during the revamping of existing equipment, when it is necessary to study specifications that guarantee the required performances, adapting to any imposed restrictions.

During normal plant operation is it possible to identify bottlenecks or malfunctions that reduce the efficiency of the various processes, limiting the overall productivity of the plant. Using its experience and tools, Costacurta’s Separation Technology department can analyse the specific separation problems and propose suitable solutions.

Field surveys
During surveys, both onshore and offshore, our specialists can identify the real operating conditions of plant units and gather the information required to be able to propose solutions to specific problems.