We have a thorough knowledge of, and extensive experience in the coating of rolls and machine parts to improve its performance. Our coating method achieves:

  • Increased corrosion protection
  • Custom friction properties
  • Improved non-stick properties
  • Altered thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Better hygiene and easier cleaning


  • HVOF
  • Plasma
  • Flame
  • Arc
  • Sintering


Ferroman Engineering specializes in high-speed flame spraying (HVOF) as compared to conventional flame spraying and plasma methods provide layers with superior properties. The process is based on the powder at high speed thrown against the surface to be coated. Fully dense layers are built up without the base is affected.


  • Very high density of the layers >99%
  • Very good adhesion
  • Even thick layers can be sprayed with good adhesion
  • High deposition rates of material per hour
  • The layers can be ground to very fine surface finish of Ra <0.1