As specialists in the surface coating of parts for heat treatment furnaces, we can bring knowledge and new approaches to production technical situations that arise. Whether it’s development or revamping projects. Custom solutions that quickly provide quality improvement, time savings and a clear competitive advantage in your business. Our goal is to improve efficiency.

With thermal spraying you can reach an improved technical performance. The method also provides a longer life for the component so that the intervals between preventive maintenance may be extended.

The workshop is well equipped to repair, revamping, and coatings for machine parts such as rollers, stators, rotors, heads, shafts and bearings for rotating machinery such as paper machines, rolling mills, rotary valve, turbine, refiners and pumps. We perform repairs in our workshop or in the field.

  • Measurements
  • Welding with control according to standards
  • Surface welding
  • Turning, grinding, milling
  • Shaft Replacement
  • Bearing changes, new and renovation
  • Balancing