High Alloy Welded Components

Ferroman supply various types of welded products in steel alloys with a high content of nickel. The deep knowledge of raw materials, material and welding processes, execution, production cycles that will employ the finished product, together with the experience of the staff and the regular training education of the technicians guarantees products of extraordinary quality and execution.

Radiant Tubes

In recent years, the need to reach higher and higher temperatures and increase production output, besides the ever-growing attention to energy saving and environment protection made research explore a new kind of radiant tubes.

The new tubes, made with 3-4 mm steel plates, combined with last generation burners, are gaining attention and being employed more and more in the newest CAL and CGL lines, with a general trend that seems to led to the replacement of the cast tubes in use so far with new generation fabricated radiant tubes.


A special, complex inclined product connecting the furnace to the galvanizing tub, allowing the continuity of the process cycle in galvanizing lines.