Stainless & High Alloyed Wire

Whether you need thin wire or heavy-gauge rods, stainless steel is used wherever resistance to corrosion, acid and heat is essential.

That is why manufacturers from a wide variety of industries – automotive, engineering, sieve and filter technology, household appliances, environmental, medical technology and even the aerospace industry – count on this ideal material. It is fascinating to see again and again how many ways our customers use it. Adapting to these diverse requirements means maintaining flexibility.

You need a partner who ensures customized service from a single source for everything from ideas and development to production and logistics.

Wire is what we do best
We produce only corrosion-, acid- and heat-resistant grades in diameters from 0.20 -15 mm. Our high-quality raw materials feature application-specific stability, narrow tolerances and special surfaces. There is (almost) no limit to the variety of applications for which it can be used.